Victory Outreach International Kidz G.A.N.G., “God’s Anointed New Generation,” has been established to meet the needs of and creatively nurture children worldwide, and to disciple a new generation unto the Lord Jesus Christ.

Kidz G.A.N.G. offers children a place where Kidz and their families can have fun while learning about Jesus Christ.

Kidz Crusades, Kidz Summer Camps and Sunday Schools are just some of the fun ways Kidz G.A.N.G. reaches out to children.

Music and the arts are important for children to experience in order to become well-rounded, productive adults. Kidz G.A.N.G. offers children a chance to sing, play an instrument, dance, and become involved in live-theater productions. Puppetry is widely used to demonstrate Godly principles to the children.

Victory Outreach Kidz G.A.N.G. offers incredible multi-faceted programming in the local Victory Outreach church. Children grow closer to God while expressing their faith in a fun-filled exciting environment.

Children's Ministry